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Overwatchodds.bet is the premier site for finding the best bookmaker to place a real money Overwatch bet on. We understand that Overwatch betting is a growing market and that there is a strong interest in what the best odds are. On this site we talk about how to find the best bet. What strategies that you can use to place a good Overwatch bet, one that will maximize your overall winnings and mitigate losses. To be honest Overwatch betting is not easy. In the first season of Overwatch League there have been a fair amount of upsets, and of course by definition upsets are against what the majority thought were to win. But we make it easier for you to find which bookmaker is offering the best odds. And by doing so you will be able to extend your bank roll win or lose.

You may think that choosing a bookmaker with better promotions and sign up bonuses is more important. But, let me put this to you, if the odds being offerred are terrible, you will eventually lose all your money anyway. Hence, these bookmakers that offer big promos and bonuses, they are going to win it back with the crap odds that they offer to you.

Unlike other sites, we therefore don’t focus on the sign up bonuses. Other Overwatch betting sites will because they either find that its easier to maintain their website and/or they can’t be bothered with knowing odds.

Overwatchodds.bet therefore focuses on the betting odds. In the long run the better odds offerred by a bookermaker will outweigh the bookmakers with the better sign up bonuses. Of course, there will be some bookmakers which offer great odds and reasonable sign up bonuses.

So let’s get straight into it. Choose a bookmaker with the best Overwatch betting odds.


There are many bookmakers out there offering odds on Overwatch. Its difficult to say one is best to use right now. As E-Sports are becoming more popular around the world and more and more money is being pushed into the tournaments and leagues across the globe, bookmakers are jumping on the back of this and offering odds on a number of different games.Overwatch league games are being streamed all around the globe.

Right now, Overwatch and betting is quite new with the introduction of the official Overwatch League. Betting odds for matches have a lot of variability, due to the overwatch league being in its early stages, which means bettors can benefit by getting the best odds from certain bookmakers.

The best way to choose your bookmaker is go for the best odds. Odds for our pick of bookmakers will be displayed for every match. Make your pick for who will win and click on the bookmaker with the best odds. The bookmakers that are currently offering the best odds on Overwatch are:


Comparing odds for Overwatch matches is easy. We’ve made it simple for you and broken down the odds for each Overwatch league match. The odds for each game will go on our site as soon as it becomes available from the bookmakers. Some sites release odds earlier than others.

The best way to compare odds is to look on our site, as each match above has a comparison table. If odds are missing it means the bookmaker hasn’t released the odds yet. From this odds comparison table click on the bookmaker with the best odds.

The odds will have variability from bookmaker to bookmaker. All you have to do is choose the best odds that are being offered.


This is due to the nature of Overwatch and its early existance. The odds will vary and can change dramatically due to the newness of the game. Essentially the longer the Overwatch League is around the odds will start to decrease its variability. Bookmakers create algorithms to help them create a numerical odd for a match – the longer a game exists, the bookmakers will develop their algorithms and become similar with each other and hence a smaller variability. Currently one bookmaker may vary a lot compared to another as the way they produce the odds is different to each other.

This is why the best way to choose the best odds is to compare a variety of bookmakers and choose the one with the best odds for a greater return on your money.


Over time, and the as the Overwatch League popularity grows globally, we will see a lot more options for betting begin to pop up. Like any sport e.g. NBA, EPL which currently has a huge catalogue and options for betting, we should see the options for Overwatch odds grow over time.

Right now, the bookmakers we have compared are for the match winner. There are currently 2 sites which offer other Overwatch odds – individual map winners Bet365 and Pinnacle. As can be seen with other E-sports like League of Legends and CounterStrike, where you can bet on other outcomes, Overwatch betting options should grow as it gains more worldwide following.

Millions of dollars have been put into creating the Overwatch League. Multimillion dollar investments in teams and players on big salaries indicate that Overwatch could be the next big thing in E-sports gaming. Now is the best time to bet on Overwatch as bookmakers are new to the game and familiarising themselves with teams and players. If you follow the game closely and can pick the winners, look at our Overwatch odds comparison tables above and pick the best odds for greatest return on your bet.


On Overwatchodds.bet we compare the best odds for you, but this doesn’t mean you should just simply go charging in with the bookmaker with the best odds on a random pick to win a game. It’s important to do research into what is a good Overwatch bet to place.


That’s right! It’s all about the stats. If anyone told you otherwise then they are lying. In any game, whether it be luck or skill, you analyze the odds of winning through statistics. Take for example, betting on the NBA, you’ve got to know the statistics of teams and players. Steph Curry’s 3 point percentage against Cleveland. Lebron’s winning percentage against eastern vs western teams. The statistics are important! So research the statistics and google on the net for statistics that you can find.

WinstonsLab holds a lot of key statistics on players performance. It is one of the most comprehensive sites out there and should form part of one of your go to sites. The site is very good with keeping up to date and reveals a lot of different player KPIs. (Key Performance Indicators).

The statistics that you should look at is something that you will need to work out and put effort into. Look for trends, look for patterns, look for anomalies. There will be the basic statistics that you can use such as past five games win loss record. These basic statistics are a great way to start, but expand your analysis if you want to be a serious overwatch bettor.

Now some readers maybe thinking, “what heck! that is so vague about developing a model with statistics” and yes it is vague because statistics and modelling outcomes is extremely complicated. If you are serious about developing a statistical model I would recommend engaging with an actuary and discuss what modelling you would like to use to analyze various data inputs. An actuary’s life revolves around statistics and modelling should be easy for them.

Lastly if you are serious about statistics, then you should learn how to use Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool which enables you to use formulas, data analysis, graphs, and much much more. I have used it to list out all the odds offered for every game in season one of the Overwatch League and applied a win loss ratio with an assumption of one dollar placed on the favourite and trend it by each team. Yes, you can do this analysis on a piece of paper but it will take you a long time!


Knowing the team’s and knowing the players is extremely important. What does this knowledge help with? You get to intuitively know what teams have got that winning culture or losing culture. Players that can handle the pressure. Teams that can adapt their strategy on the fly.

An an example, during season one NYXL used Pine with great effect. He was an unknown until his cameo appearances caught opposing teams off guard through several games. This is a great piece of information to store and evaluate with an overall bet to place. Develop a methodology for statistics to blend with team and player behavior. This is extremely difficult and sometimes it is an intuition decision, that will lead to a good Overwatch bet.


This kinda goes without saying but watching games will help. You don’t have to watch the entire game but at least the highlights, or footage of an overwatch bet that you think would be good to place. Watch footage to confirm and validate. You can get by without watching games, but I believe this would be extremely unwise. By watching footage you will learn more about the game, the teams and the players. This insight can reaffirm or dispel what a good or bad overwatch bet could be.

Again you use footage to blend with analysis. You may not be able to directly feed this data into an analytical model (because again building a statistical model can be extremely complicated), but it should form part of an assessment within your mind for a good overwatch bet.


There is so much information that is available on forums that you can read about to help determine a good overwatch bet to place. The first place to go to is Reddit. Reddit is one of the leading websites that members post a lot of comments about Overwatch League (Contenders and other tournaments) and Overwatch betting on. You can find a lot of comments that are full of crap as well as a lot of gems. You’ve got to have the ability to read the comments and decipher the good and valuable vs the junk. As an example of what is gem information, there was talk on Reddit of NYXL losing the Overwatch grandfinal. Why, because members were chatting about players predicting NYXL losing. They were specifically describing that the meta change will catch NYXL by surprise and allow the opposition who had the advantage of playing previously with the meta change to win. If the players themselves were predicting a loss then this means a lot! And low and behold NYXL lose in the finals of season one of the Overwatch League. If you had placed a Overwatch bet against NYXL winning you would have been paid out approximately 2 to 3 times the bet placed. Now that makes a great overwatch bet!

So scour the forums and read about what is eveyone thinking. There will be insights for what would be a good Overwatch bet.


If you want to place a good overwatch bet then you need to have discipline and patience. Control your emotions and bet within your means. Have a budget and play with money that you can afford to lose.

There is no sure thing, so I would personally never bet a huge amount on a bet that I thought was a great overwatch bet to place. Yes, I may have done all the hard work and found a great bet, but I won’t risk it all. If it turns out to be a loss then I’m left with nothing. If I win, then I am grateful for the win, rather than having a loss. Do NOT dwell on the past in thinking that more money could have been won if a larger bet was placed. Yes, hindsight is great and unfortunately back to saying there is no sure overwatch bet.

Also, do not gamble if you cannot afford to lose. Naturally bookmakers are adding a house edge to give themselves to better their chances. You can think of this like a margin of error. So bear this in mind when looking for a great overwatch bet to place. The odds must be favourable enough for you to cover the bookmakers margin of error.


This may sound obvious but know the game. Not just superficially but deep within. When there is a new hero, understand the impact. New heroes will require players to adjust to combat, and learn to play. If there is a meta change again understand the influence on team and players. Knowing the game nuances will help develop a good overwatch bet to place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to gamble in the US?

On 14 May 2018 the US Supreme Court overturned a Federal ban making way for the legalisation of sports betting. The onus is upon each individual state to amend their state constitutions should they wish to legalise sports betting. So far, in most legislation e-sports is not specifically called out as separate or inclusive in the defintion of sports betting.

Nevada for the past several decades has always allowed sports betting, the only state to have permitted sports betting before the overturning of the federal ban in May 2018. Nevada offers online gambling, however it requires in person registration at a land based casino. Only then can mobile and online gaming be available. This is relatively incovenient when compared to the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey is aggressively chasing market share with the legalisation of sports betting on 11 June 2018. Casinos in Atlantic City can offer sports betting, fantasy tournaments and wagering via online and mobile apps. New Jersey is the first state to offer registration completely online. This state is the most advanced in offerring Overwatch betting action.

Delaware and Mississippi are the next two states that offer legalised sports betting. Operationally not as advanced as Nevada and NJ, nor as aggressive with attempting to gain market share, however it is legal in those two states.

Can I bet on Overwatch Contenders and Overwatch World Cup?

For sure. It may not be as well known as the Overwatch League, but you can also place an Overwatch bet on these tournaments as well. In fact, with less coverage of Contenders and Overwatch World Cup there should be more opportunities to find winning bets. Less coverage means that judging the risk of winning and losing will mostly be more difficult for bookmakers.

On OverwatchOdds.Bet we also show the odds for these two tournaments.