Stage 3 Outright Winning Odds – Bet365

Stage 3 Outright Winning Odds – Bet365

Bet365 have come out with Outright winning odds for Stage 3. I mostly agree with their order and the odds are quite good, particularly for Seoul Dynasty paying 7 to 1 if they come out on top. Seoul Dynasty is grouped with the big 3 and are quite rightly considered a top tier team. So seeing odds like 7:1 is fantastic.

I also like the Gladiators with the potential of the Fissure effect to carry through to Stage 3. A long shot, but with the pay out being 17:1, this is good value for money.

Overwatch League Team Division Outright Win
New York Excelsior ATL 2.37
London Spitfire ATL 2.5
Seoul Dynasty PAC 7
Philadelphia Fusion ATL 10
L.A. Gladiators PAC 17
Boston Uprising ATL 21
Houtson Outlaws ATL 21
L.A. Valiant PAC 26
San Franscisco Shock PAC 41
Dallas Fuel PAC 67
Florida Mayhem ATL 67
Shanghai Dragons PAC 101

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