All about Mano of NYXL

All about Mano of NYXL

Mano is the main tank for New York Excelsior. He was born in Uslan, South Korea and lived there until he was five years old, after which he moved to Busan. As a child he was easily distracted, and was sent by his parents to see a therapist. He wasn’t the most behaved of kids, mischievous to say the least, constantly running away from home, skipping tutoring to play games, stealing small amounts of money from relatives to go to PC Bang. Through these times, Mano grew up with his sister who currently works as a nurse. Seeing through her experiences of being a nurse the hard work, the difficulties it presents, Mano has grown an appreciation for discipline, diligence and passion in ones career. As with many young students in high school finding their ideal career is extremely difficult. He tried his hand at many part-time jobs and even joined a company but the satisfaction just wasn’t there. Disillusioned, with poor school grades, the pressure of finding a good job was building, so the thought of entering military service was on his mind. Fortunately with the advent of Overwatch, Mano was able to show case his gaming skills and become a professional Overwatch player, therefore deferring his * military service.

Mano’s interest in gaming first began with RPG games. He quickly became quite adept, then transitioned to FPS. As soon as Overwatch was released, he fell in love with the game and subsequently dedicated his efforts to becoming pro. He is very proud and honoured to represent the city of New York.

* military service is mandatory in South Korea

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