An Insane Overwatch Betting Arbitrage Opportunity in Upcoming Match

For those of you unfamiliar with what an arbitrage bet is, it’s when you can place a bet on two different bookmakers and get a positive return regardless of the outcome.

The upcoming match between Philadelphia Fusion and Seoul Dynasty is going to be an incredible opportunity for an arbitrage bet because it looks like bookmaker Buff88 has made a mistake and are placing Philadelphia Fusion as the underdogs paying 3.36.

Every other bookmaker however, has Seoul Dynasty as the underdog in this matchup and are paying around 3.50.

If you visit our match preview page, you’ll see that (at the time of this post) 10Bet and RedBet are paying 3.55 for Seoul to win while Buff88 is paying 3.36 for Philadelphia to win.

You can literally place the same bet amount on Buff88 and either 10Bet/RedBet and make a profit!

So for example let’s say you placed a $100 bet on Buff88 for Philadelphia to win and another $100 bet on 10Bet for Seoul to win.

If Philadelphia wins, you would lose your $100 bet from 10Bet but you would win $336 from Buff88 which is a profit of $136!

If Seoul wins, you would lose your $100 from Buff88 but you would win $355 from 10Bet which is a profit of $155!

And since there is no way a match can end in a draw, this is a sure winning bet.



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