How to bet on Overwatch for Beginners

How to bet on Overwatch for Beginners

What are the odds?

The world of eSports is growing at a phenomenal rate, and by now you’ve probably heard and may have also seen a few games of Overwatch. Below is a guide to lead you through: What is Overwatch, how to get started in the realms of betting on Overwatch and lastly what to expect with the odds in relation to a teams standing in the Overwatch League.

Overwatch Gameplay

It’s important to first understand the basic concept of the game. Unlike physical sport codes, where it’s quite clear what the objective is, online gaming can be at times a little confusing.

Overwatch is a mixture of two genres; First Person Shooter (FPS) and Multiplayer online battle arena ( MOBA). Blizzard, the game developer that created Overwatch, was the first to make a polished mixed genre game that they were able to promote and market to gamers AND viewers. Their goal was to ultimately branch out from pure gaming and to begin a competition called the Overwatch League (OWL). The vision of a sustainable competition has become a reality and the Overwatch League has exceeded many industry analyst’ expectations.

(Yes, there have been other games created in the past that have combined the two genres, but none as successful as Overwatch).

So how does the game work? Two teams of six players compete against each in a best of five rounds (maps). A map is a terrain or layout of the battlefield. Each player chooses from a selection of hero characters that have skill sets that fall into the categories of Offense, Defense, Support and Tank.


Heroes with high speed and great attack. They are mostly used to seek and damage the opposition and press the team’s objective. They have less sustainability than other heroes but are agile and possess high damage weapons.


Heroes with low speed but great sustainability. They guard locations and establish a front. Their attack is usually long range using weapons such as snipers and frag launchers. Best used for protecting an area, such as a choke point, and pushing back the enemy.


Heroes are able to heal other team members and provide extra power. They can also reduce effectiveness of an enemies attack. Support heroes perform best when their team are around them and can be used to revive them once they are knocked down.


Heroes have great survivability. They often protect teammates and disrupt the enemy. With great sustainability, resilience, and protection for the team, they allow teammates to implement the offense and establish the defense.

With the ability to structure the team with different balances of Offense, Defense, Support and Tank, teams can formulate different strategies. Different heroes are more adept at different maps. Thus teams in competition are usually committed to practising together for many hours a day implementing a strategy whilst also working on individual hero character game play.

The combination of strategy and character skills creates an exciting experience for players and for viewers.

Overwatch League

With the vision of a sustainable competition, Blizzard started the Overwatch League (OWL). The inaugural season begun in 2017 with 12 teams. I won’t list out all the teams, however, on posts you can see a review of each team.

These teams represent various cities around the world, with most of the cities in the US. Although they represent the cities, the players themselves aren’t necessarily from those cities (This strategy is very similar to the NBA whereby players come from around the world, but garner the support of the city that they represent).

Each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are 3 games to watch, a total of 12 games per week. These games are streamed live and therefore can be easily followed. Each game roughly is 1 to 2 hrs long.

On a side note: Overwatch Contenders is a feeder competition to OWL. Overwatch Contenders usually have players that are developing and are looking to make it to OWL. Again, similar to the NBA, most of these players are underage and in college, but are looking for a career in professional gaming.

With the advent of a professional league, betting agencies have begun to offer Overwatch betting odds for Overwatch League matches. The ever increasing viewer and participation rate of Overwatch, inevitably will lead to more and more Overwatch odds being offered by more and more betting agencies.

Why should I bet on Overwatch?

Because the Overwatch League is still in its infancy, you will find a lot of great odds being offered by betting agencies. These are available for two main reasons:

Firstly, its difficult to price the odds when there isn’t a long history of Overwatch League games yet. You will see that different betting agencies may offer wildly different odds, and this is great for you! Because you can then choose the best odds.

Secondly, the market needs to grow, and one way to grow it is to offer great odds! This is a huge bonus for early bets during the early stages of the Overwatch league.

What to bet on

To start off with, I recommend simply betting on who will win a match. This is the easiest to understand and the easiest to bet on, i.e. it is just one bet on one team.

Odds to Win a match are usually shown in how much 1 dollar placed will return. For example: Odds are 3.00 for team 1 to Win. This means, if you place $1.00 with the betting agency, and your team selection wins, you will receive $3.00 in return. Conversely, team 2 odds of 1.10 to win, means if you place $1.00 with team 2 to win and they win, you will receive $1.10.

Therefore, in a match between 2 teams in Overwatch you can bet on either team 1 or team 2 to win. (Later on, I will describe that you could also bet on both teams, and why would you do that).

To apply this to a real example:
In the OWL on the 25th of February, the Shanghai Dragons vs LA Valiant were showing odds of 7.76 vs 1.05 respectively on Pinnacle. This means, if you placed a dollar on Shanghai Dragons and they won, you will receive $7.76 in return (a profit of $6.76). If you lost you lose the dollar. Conversely if you bet one dollar on the LA Valiant and they win, you will receive $1.05 (a profit of 5 cents).

The higher the odds, usually means that the team has a lower chance of winning, whilst the lower the odds means that the team has a higher chance of winning.

In my example, the Shanghai Dragons came last in Stage 1 of the OWL. It’s been widely reported that the Shanghai Dragons have been lacking in skills and team work when compared to other teams, and therefore their odds are always higher than other teams.

Generally speaking when you look at the OWL standing table, those at the top when playing against those at the bottom will have odds that are skewed, whilst if the team is playing against another team of similar standing, the odds will be relatively close to each other.

I tend to favor betting on teams that are relatively evenly matched. Betting on games where the odds are skewed greatly, in my opinion, is not worthwhile as the return is very low for the favourite team, whilst the odds of the lower team usually do not offer a great enough return to offset the unlikely hood of them winning. Having said that, because Overwatch is relatively new there are usually great pricing opportunities!

Pick the betting agency with the best odds

Once you have chosen which team to place a bet on, then choose the betting agency that offers that best odds for that bet. You can find the odds comparison on the homepage of The odds can vary greatly between betting agencies, therefore choosing a betting agency that offers slightly better odds can make a huge difference in your betting strategy in the long run.

Hedging your bets!

Hedging is a term that is most commonly used in financial services to remove risk or reduce risk through an offsetting exposure. It is also a common English term to place your bets on both outcomes.

Betting agencies offer betting odds that cannot be fully hedged. They do this because they want to increase their long term winnings. However, occasionally we will see some betting agencies swing their odds different to other agencies. When this occurs, a hedge bet can minimize the expected loss. This is a particularly effective strategy whereby most betting agencies require you to bet a certain volume of bets in order to cash out the sign on bonus.

I hope this guide helps you with enjoying Overwatch even more.

Good luck and happy betting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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