Big Boss Pine – we support you!

Big Boss Pine – we support you!

Nicknamed Big Boss Pine,  Kim Do-hyeon is a player on the New York Excelsior Overwatch League team. He plays the position of DPS. He was born and raised in Seoul with his parents and sister who is 9 years older and brother who is 12 years older. As a child he was diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD is a mental disability that presents learning difficulties possibly as a result of lack of concentration and attention span. Thus making friends can be extremely challenging. It wasn’t until second year of middle school, that Pine began making friends through the school badminton team. In the third year of middle school he unfortunately sufferred a toe injury, which ended his badminton aspirations.

His relationship with his parents wasn’t great because he played games too often. The first game he played was Sudden Attack, a type of FPS game. He started playing games more often after leaving high school then went to university choosing to study culinary arts. Pine, however, always wanted to become a pro gamer since he started playing games. He learnt a lot of English from playing games rather than from school.

Pine was introduced to Overwatch by a friend in his first year at university. He borrowed his friend’s console and game id, and ever since he has committed his life to it. So much so that he played five days consecutively and skipped all his mid term exams during the first year, subsequently failing all his subjects.

His first ever team was with Luxury Watch, he played under the nickname of Penguin. He then was invited to a game TV show and after that show he became more popular in Overwatch. Team members convinced his parents and sister to allow him to keep playing Overwatch, and he decided to become a pro gamer and participated in the Overwatch Festival in Busan. Since then his parents began supporting him more so that he could concentrate more on playing Overwatch. Having joined NYXL, he earned the moniker to his nickname “Big Boss”. His flashy and daring plays that seemingly on he could pull off, have left enemy teams decimated. Used as a specialist and on rare occasions, fans have been demanding to see more of the Big Boss in action.

He is very proud to represent New York and is grateful to all fans for supporting him.

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