DreamKazper’s contract is terminated

DreamKazper’s contract is terminated

How it unravelled

Yesterday it was announced that Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez was suspended after allegations that he had sexual interaction with an underage fan. At the time of the initial breaking news, the underage fan released detailed text messages between her and DreamKazper. The text messages disclosed the extent of harassment and that DreamKazper was aware the fan was underage. Although the Overwatch League Code of Conduct is quite vague, if these allegations held true, then DreamKazper was in clear breach and there would be repercussions.

Since the initial news broke, another minor has also come forward claiming DreamKazper treated her in a similar manner. It was inevitable that DreamKazper’s time in the league was coming to an end. And now it has been confirmed.

Earlier today a tweet from the Boston Uprising stated,

“The Boston Uprising has terminated the contract of Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez.”

No further comments has been issued by OWL or by the Boston Uprising.

DreamKazper had a tremendous career in the short time he played. He was the American DPS of the underdog Boston Uprising, as well as a contender for a spot on the U.S.A Overwatch World Cup Squad. Needless to say, his hopes of being on the U.S.A squad is now over.

Where to from here for Boston?

This is a huge loss for Boston as this leaves on their team only two DPS. In theory many teams can get by with only two DPS, however for Boston their 2 DPS are Striker and Mistakes, whom unfortunately play the same heroes: Tracer, Soldier, and Widow. With the Transfer Window now closed, this will force either Striker or Mistakes to learn to play the heroes that DreamKazper played: Genji, McCree, and Pharah. The season is far from over, but still there is little time for Boston to deal with this issue. How they figure out this problem before their season is ruined is anyone’s guess.

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