DreamKazper inappropriate underage sexual interactions

DreamKazper inappropriate underage sexual interactions

The Boston Uprising superstar DreamKazper has been allegedly accused of inappropriate sexual interactions with an underage. If this is true the Overwatch League has a trending issue of player management.

Although OWL has released a Code of Conduct policy its clear that it does not have a proper and established process in place. Transparency is lacking not only with decisions made, but time frame and avenues for players to challenge decisions made.

The OWL needs to be more pro active, have the foresight to put in place expectations and a clear process for Code of Conduct breaches.

Fans will continue to question the Leagues process and the impact inaction (or action) has in their supporting team. Fairplay is always important in any league, and if fans ( and players) rightly or wrongly feel that there are double standards, undue punishment, favouritism, then there is a larger problem at hand.

DreamKazper will certainly not be the last of player controversy. OWL should place more emphasis on the process and framework, to build confidence amongst players, team management and fans.


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