Josh “Eqo” Corona

Josh “Eqo” Corona

Josh “Eqo” Corona is an Overwatch League professional player who’s upbringing is unlike many others in the professional gaming industry. Eqo was a relatively unknown player, having only played briefly for a team complexity in May 2017. His only other experience was on the team Israel squad that failed to make it out of the overwatch World Cup 2017 qualifiers.

Even though his has no real strong experience in playing in any professional league, the Philadelphia Fusion took a chance on him based on his reputation as being diligent and disciplined. In the earlier try outs, he impressed many in the organisation and surpassed many of the other players with more experience. His main heroes are Tracer, Genji and Soldier 76.

Corona was born in Columbia but then migrated to Israel at a very young age. He dedicates his work ethic to his father who tragically passed away when he was only 15 years old. His father originally a professor in Columbia turned to labour work when in Israel. He worked lengthy hours and made many sacrifices for the family. With Corona’s mixed background his identity is not that clear, he isn’t super proficient in any language and therefore doesn’t have a native language per se.

In April 2018, Corona streamed himself performing derogatory gestures regarding Korean players. He was fined by the Fusion and by the Overwatch League.

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