L.A. Valiant – Stage 2 Assessment

L.A. Valiant – Stage 2 Assessment

The Valiant is a strong team that goes through terrible streaks.

From the outside, it looks like a communication issue. The fact that they are a team made of Korean and Western players likely adds to this, but that’s a fleeting problem because their Korean players are being taught English. Their biggest problems are the lack of protection to their supports, uNKOE and Verbo, and what seems to be an inability to stay together as a team. They can fall into getting picked apart easily and losing team fights before they start.

They do arguably have the best Korean-Western front-line in the league. Soon is one of the best team Tracers in the league, his Tracer duelling is weak. They have KariV who is great on hitscan and can flex to support. Agilities is one of, if not the best, Western Genji in the league and silkthread, is a jack of all trades on DPS. Where the Valiant lack in their roster is the tank-line. Though Fate is one of the best Winstons in the world, he can’t play many other tanks to the skill needed to compete. Envy is a good, versatile off-tank, definitely in the conversation of top 7 but not any higher.

The Valiant is close to the same situation that the pre-Fissure Gladiators were in.

One experienced shot caller could really bring the Valiant’s play up another level and help them close out must win games against weak teams.

The Valiant games have proven to be unpredictable. They look like a top 3 team some nights and other nights look just bad. They’re a pretty safe bet when playing bottom teams, just remember, they lost to an 11th place Florida.

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