Let the Stage 2 playoffs begin!

Let the Stage 2 playoffs begin!

Fusion against the odds take the third and final spot

It was widely anticipated that the New York Excelsior (NYXL) and London Spitfire would make the Stage 2 playoffs together with either the Seoul Dynasty or L.A Gladiators. But very few, if anyone, took notice of the Philadelphia Fusion.

At the start of the round (reference: Setting the Stage written by Emerald Gao) NYXL (96.1%), London Spitfire (67.8%) and L.A. Gladiators (66.8%) were the three teams most likely to compete in the Stage 2 playoffs. NYXL were one game ahead of the others and simply needed to win one more match against the Fusion or the Valiant. The Spitfire and Gladiators were tied on the team standings for Stage 2 with map differential placing the Spitfire slightly ahead in the odds.

Dynasty, too, was tied with Spitfire and Gladiators, however their map differential, plus the upcoming difficult match ups against the Outlaws and Mayhem, put them at only 34.6% of proceeding to the playoffs.

With the lowest of odds at only 8.1%,

“Fusion needed a lot of luck to fall their way”

They needed two wins in the round, and for Dynasty and Gladiators to suffer losses.

The following transpired in Stage 2 Week 5:
– Fusion 2 Win 0 Loss
– Dynasty 1 Win 1 Loss
– Gladiators 0 Win 2 Loss

On the outset both the Gladiators and Dynasty suffered losses putting them on the back foot. Whilst the Fusion began with a strong win. The Fusion eventually closed out the round with another strong win, whilst the Gladiators disappointed with a loss against the Uprising.

“Did the Gladiators choke under the pressure?”

And thus we have ended with the most unlikely of outcomes! Well done to the Fusion for pulling off a remarkable upset.

Tomorrow, we will see in the first match Fusion vs Spitfire. The winner then to play against NYXL. Good luck to all teams!

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