Libero – Who is he?

Libero – Who is he?

Hye-sung “Libero” Kim was born and raised in a very happy family. He lived with his parents and brother who is 6 years older. When he was young his career aspiration was to be a doctor, to be someone that could help the community. And so he watched many Korean dramas about doctors. On the flipside, Libero also loved watching sport, especially the major soccer event between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. And of course he also loved playing games, in particular FPS. He would play together with his father for countless hours, placing him in good stead for playing Overwatch later in his life as pro. Playing single player games never quite resonated with Libero, his preference very much team games which had more of a social aspect. Another facet which led him to being an Overwatch player.

The nickname Libero was derived from a Japanese anime about volleyball. Libero is actually the name of a position in a volleyball team with a role as being a defensive specialist.

When Overwatch first came out, there was a fascination with the style and uniqueness about the game. His first hero that he chose to use was Hanzo. He loved the hero’s ability with the bow and arrow and he would practise anywhere between 10 to 20 hours in a row.

At the very beginning of the Overwatch League he was set back with a wrist injury which he has since overcome. He hopes to be able to have a lengthy career as a professional gamer.


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