London Spitfire fires its coach!

London Spitfire fires its coach!

What is going on! Shanghai Dragon’s firing their coach I can understand, but London Spitfire? Lee “Bishop” Beom-joon, without any public statement, has departed ways with London Spitfire. Bishop built the original core team on the Spitfire. He managed to bring in the mercurial GC Busan and KongDoo Panthera together, and led the team to win Stage 1 of the inaugural season of Overwatch League.

Bishop strategically built a roster that could field two teams. Sharing game time amongst all players was important, in some ways emulating football EPL teams whereby players are rested on certain games to avoid being worn out. He was integral in piecing the team together, blending styles.

Who will step up to make the decisions, will they continue with such a broad roster or narrow down and focus more playing time on key players?

The Stage 1 success of London Spitfire doesn’t gel with the departure of head coach Bishop. Perhaps Bishop has been poached by Shanghai Dragons? Time will tell.

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