New York Excelsior – Winners of Stage 2

New York Excelsior – Winners of Stage 2

“An incredible reverse sweep!”

As predicted by many Overwatch analysts, the New York Excelsior won Stage two of the inaugural season to take out the $100,000 prize money. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing! In amazing scenes they did a reverse sweep against the Philadelphia Fusion who beat all odds by defeating the London Spitfire in the first playoff game. Given only a slim chance of making the playoffs, they not only made it, but also toppled the formidable London Spitfire. After pulling off the massive upset, the Philadelphia Fusion continued with their momentum leading into the finals against New York Excelsior.

The Match
With an unorthodox strategy, very aggressive DPS play, the Fusion took Excelsior by surprise and proceeded to win the first map, Route 66. EQO then ran riot in map Lijang , and suddenly Philadelphia were on the verge of becoming stage 2 champions. Philadelphia went through into the second half perhaps with an air of complacency. New York Excelsior, on the other hand, a completely different team from the first half. SBB and Libero came up with the big points on Hollywood, forcing the Fusion into rushed decisions. The pressure was clearly on the Fusion to regroup and push home their map advantage, however New York were simply too efficient and executed their team strategy far better when it counted the most. Fragi did his best playing extremely aggressive towards the end, but could not lift Fusion to a fairy tale ending for Stage 2. The final score 3 to 2 in favour of New York Excelsior.

Sadly, missing in action was Pine during the finals. In his stage 1 cameo appearances he became a fan favourite due to his display of flamboyance to win maps single handedly. His jovial persona and hot pink hair also warmed the hearts of many, and earned him the nick name “big boss Pine”. It was revealed after the Stage 2 win that Pine had suffered a panic attack and therefore was unable to play. We hope that Pine has a quick recovery and that he will be ready for stage 3.

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