News skins for Lunar New Year

It’s Lunar New Year again, the Year of the Dog, and as with the previous year’s Blizzard has issued a set of new skins and features to commemorate the occasion.

There are six Legendary skins that have been released, for Hanzo, Genji, Mercy, Pharah, McCree and Widowmaker together with a stack load of new items like sprays and victory poses.

With the growing number of skins available, Blizzard has launched a new function which allows players to easily pick and choose their skins prior to game time,  in the Assemble Your Team screen. Of course, this functionality cannot be accessed whilst during a game, to allow players to focus on the game at hand rather than appearance of players.

In addition, there is a new sudden death mode, so that there are no more draws. This will help with the overall player experience, bringing more action than previously.