NYXL defeat Seoul Dynasty – Odds strengthen to win Stage 2

NYXL defeat Seoul Dynasty – Odds strengthen to win Stage 2

The favourite to take out Stage 2 is now NYXL

This game was intense, the understatement of the year! New York Excelsior vs Seoul Dynasty, the two titans of Overwatch League clashed and it was spectacular.

On player vs player match ups, these two teams stand as equals. Very little separates them, but many believed that Seoul D had the advantage with team play. Coupled with NYXL’s tendency to occasionally lose focus and commit basic errors and Seoul D’s better adaptation to the new meta, Seoul D had slightly better book maker odds to start with.

And so the winner of this clash took it out on team play and strategy, and it wasn’t Seoul D!. NYXL won by the thinnest of margins 3-2.

The key to NYXL taking out this match was the play of Libero who surprisingly used Hanzo in several of the maps. Hanzo is a hero rarely used except in situational game play, so it was a brilliant tactic to bring him out.

Having said that, the match momentum moved back and forth between the two teams. A very tight arm-wrestle, the match could have gone to any of the two teams.

Betting odds should now shift slightly towards NYXL. They’ve proven that they like to turn it up for the big games, and can win even though lead up performance may show otherwise.

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