Overwatch Betting

Ok, so you have heard about Overwatch but you know nothing about it and you want to get into the real money play of Overwatch betting. Welcome to the right place. Because we are going to start from the very basics and through to the advanced of overwatch betting.

Dont know what Overwatch is?

This may sound like a no brainer, but if you don’t know what Overwatch is then you shouldn’t be Overwatch betting. Period. I understand Overwatch is really popular at the moment, and perhaps someone you know is bragging that they have made a lot of real money on Overwatch betting (which may be true), but this doesn’t mean there is easy money to be made. Overwatch betting is the same as betting on any other sport. You have got to understand the sport.

So first things first. Play the game and at least watch a few games streamed on overwatchleague.com or action on youtube.

If you are brand new to e-sports you are going to think, “what the hell is going on!”. And this is the point I want to make. How can you get into Overwatch betting if you can’t follow the game.

So take your time. Play the game and follow the game. No overwatch betting yet!

Overwatch League

Great stuff! You’ve now played the game and your hooked on it! Just like any other sport playing it is not the same as a pro playing it. Imagine yourself playing basketball against Lebron James. You will get smashed! So knowing the basics of the game doesn’t necessarily translate to pro. And Overwatch betting is all about betting on pros. So watch a lot of the Overwatch League, Contenders and World Cup. (Contenders is the feeder league into the overwatch league). Get to learn what the castors are talking about, understand what makes a good team vs a bad team. This is just the basics, but you will learn quickly because Blizzard has made Overwatch such a great game to play and to watch!

I’m ready for Overwatch Betting

Before we get stuck into it, lets talk about Overwatch Betting odds.

Because the Overwatch League is still in its infancy, you will find a lot of great odds being offered by betting agencies (bookmakers). There are two main reasons:

Firstly, it’s difficult to price the Overwatch betting odds when there isn’t a long history of Overwatch League games yet. There isn’t a enough data to trend or create a stable pattern that betting agencies can draw upon. Also it may be that agencies have yet to completely understand the nuances of Overwatch, the Overwatch League and how it reflects in offering betting odds.

You may see that different betting agencies may offer wildly different odds, and this is great for you! You can take advantage of the different pricing of odds by betting agencies by looking at OverwatchOdds.bet comparisons of odds page.

Secondly, the market needs to grow, and one way to grow it is to offer great odds! Therefore to gain market share, betting agencies are competing against each other to offer the best odds available. This is a huge bonus for us, as bets during the development of the Overwatch league, will generally be better now than later.

In summary you can take advantage of the Overwatch betting odds that bookmakers are offerring. But you must look for that advantage.

Now I’m ready for Overwatch Betting!

Almost, almost. If you are a casual bettor, betting for fun and just supplementing the excitment of playing and watching Overwatch then go for it. Just dont get too carried away and gamble responsibly.

If you are going to be a serious gambler, then you need to do some serious analysis and research. Or dial down your betting amounts. Dont bet big, bet small to begin with.

Also, I want you to be sure that you can afford to gamble. If you cannot afford to take a loss, then please do not gamble. Gambling responsibly can also mean not getting involved with Overwatch betting.

Ok..so now research your heart out, and go to WinsonsLab and get involved with the Overwatch community forums. (For example Reddit). You should build some sort of method of determing a winning bet and with good Overwatch betting odds. I strongly recommend going in blind and placing an overwatch bet, because of some random feeling.

How do I place a bet on the Overwatch League games?

Now you are ready!

It’s really simple! To place a bet on an Overwatch league game, choose the game that you would like to bet on, open an account with the betting agency and place the bet.

There are various betting agencies to choose from, but more often than not, the betting agency that offers the best bet for the Overwatch game you have your eye on, will continue to offer well placed odds for future Overwatch League games.

Along with the best odds, also consider the payment methods that is being offered and the payment method that you would prefer. Payment methods that uses the major credit card services, i.e. Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diners will often have a large processing fee, averaging between 5% to 10%. The withdrawal methods as well should be considered because some methods require a longer processing time than others. Take for instance, withdrawing by cheque, this could take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks for a cheque to be sent to you to be then banked.

Our list of favorite betting agencies include:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a betting account for Overwatch League games?

Also a very simple process! By following the steps of the betting agency you will be able to open an account relatively quickly. They will ask for identification, your payment details and then process your application. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, betting agencies accept various payment methods, and many now also accept crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. Our recommendation for payment method is via a crypto currency. The reason being, crypto currencies have mostly stabilized, and the processing fees are much cheaper AND faster than other payment methods.

What about the Overwatch Betting mobile apps?

Every major betting agency now have mobile apps that you can download onto your mobile phone/cell phone. They will offer both android and apple and they are now very user friendly and slick. As long as you have Wi-Fi, you will be able to check out the odds, place a bet and check out the results,

Should I consider promotions and betting bonuses offered by a betting agency?

For sure. Promotions and bonuses offered by betting agencies should be taken into account as well. Some promotions offer doubling the credit to your betting account up to a certain amount. Take advantage of promotions and bonuses as these will add credit to your account.

When are Overwatch Betting odds available?

Overwatch League betting odds are generally available 2 to 3 days in advance of a game starting. Each betting agency, however, has their own method of calculating betting odds, and therefore odds can come out at different times. Sometimes betting odds are only available one day in advance of a game. On our site OverwatchOdds.bet, when the odds become available, compare them to other betting agencies to give you the best odds.

We do not have the ability to influence the odds and nor do we have the ability to influence betting agencies to release the Overwatch odds earlier (or later).

Why do the Overwatch Betting odds sometimes change as we get closer to the game starting?
Overwatch Betting Odds will sometimes change when getting closer to a game start. This will happen for various reasons, such as a lot of money has been placed on a particular team and the betting agency wanting to offset the risk by offering better odds on the opposing team. Or perhaps an event has taken place, which may change the calculation of the odds, such as a coach leaving a team, or a star player being banned.
(Please note: Game starting times are generally in line with the Overwatch League timetable. However, they will be moved forward or later depending on the length required for a previous game on the same day. So be wary, if you want to place a bet for say the second game of the day, it may start earlier that what is stated on the official Overwatch League schedule.)

Sometimes betting odds for a match offered by a betting agency can be closed to the market, after it was originally made open. Often this is due to suspicious activity that the betting agency has noticed, and to minimize their risk they close off taking any further bets on the match.

If Overwatch Betting odds may change in the lead up to a game when should I place a bet?

It’s extremely difficult to know how odds will swing (either in favour or not). Analyzing a team’s history may provide insight to volatility in it’s odds but there really isn’t a hard and fast indicator that will determine changes in odds. Don’t place too much emphasis in trying to time placing your bet, as this could lead to paralysis by analysis!

What should I look for in order to pick a winner?

A great place to start is by looking at our OverwatchOdds.Bet pre-match reviews and predictions. By reading through the reviews you can get a feel as to what is being used to analyse a result. The more you read, the better feel you will have about the predictions.

Our predictions talk through at a high level the team’s recent wins and loses, references available statistics on Winstons Lab, and takes into account the team culture but also key individual performances. With a comprehensive discussion of the pro’s and cons for each team in a match, we put forward a prediction.

The prediction is a win loss result for the match. We don’t often give a result for maps, and generally keep it at a higher level.

Statistics, of course, is also very important in picking a winner. WinstonsLab is a very popular site used as reference to Overwatch League player statistics. Its extremely comprehensive and offers statistics such as number of kills per play time for DPS. If you love statistics then Winstonslab is the place to go. More often than not, you can get carried away with analysing statistics. Sometimes a simple trend like the wins and losses of the past five games will be a good indicator of their odds for the teams next up and coming game.

Blending statistics with team culture and dynamics, you can build a picture of stability or volatility, likelihood of an upset, go with or against a team.

(Please note, predictions are predictions, IT WILL NOT ALWAYS BE RIGHT!. At OverwatchOdds.bet we place a lot of effort in coming up with a prediction. We do this for fun and excitement! And generally, we also just like to write and talk about Overwatch)

Can I place two Overwatch Bets on the same game?

Yes, you sure can. You can place two bets on the same game, and in fact if you want you can place a bet on one team and another on the opposing team. This is called hedging your bets! But what is even better is an arbitrage opportunity.

Earlier in the Overwatch Betting guide, I mentioned that at times betting odds may vary between betting agencies. Sometimes the difference is so great that if you placed a bet on one team and another on the opposing team, you can’t lose! In this instance, you have an arbitrage opportunity!

Is there a home court advantage?

Generally no. All the teams are based in California and play at Blizzard arena. That means that the players are all in the same location, playing each match and it makes no difference which team is assigned as home vs away.

Summary of Overwatch Betting

Overwatch betting is going to grow and grow. The popularity of Overwatch is a driving force, and the Overwatch League is expanding. Bookmakers will be expanding their Overwatch betting odds and it will become a competitive space. Particularly with the changes in the sporting betting laws within the US. Now is a great time to get involved in Overwatch Betting.

Enjoy the game!

Lastly, enjoy the game. Whatever overwatch bet you place, make sure you have fun. Remember this is a form of entertainment! If you have any doubts, or are uncomfortable with overwatch betting, then of course please do not bet. Having said that, for those who have a strategy in their mind, and or those who are enjoying Overwatch as an eSport, goodluck!