Overwatch World Cup Winners Odds

Winner of Overwatch World Cup Odds 2018.

South Korea 1.44
US 4.50
Finland 12.00
Canada 13.00
France 17.00
China 34.00
UK 41.00
Australia 51.00

South Korea unbeaten in any world cup match is naturally the team most favoured to win the Overwatch World Cup. The question is, does 1.44 represent reasonable value. Effectively the odds being offered is that South Korea had better than 50 50 chance of winning the world cup. In my opinion this is quite fair given the history of South Korea’s past performance. Their quality of players no doubt rank as the best in the world and their discipline and teamwork is also top notch. I would dare say though, given the odds are short, wait until the final round to place a bet on South Korea (assuming they make it to the final round). Generally odds on the favourite will remain the same throughout the tournament. Yes they will shorten as they near the final round, but you will still have relatively the same value and past any risk of major upsets in the early rounds.

Surprisingly the US is second on the list of odds. I believe this is because a lot of fan money has been placed on the US and therefore the odds are quite short. Don’t get me wrong´╝îthe US has a chance of winning. But greater than Canada or Finland at more than twice the probability? I’m not so sure.

Betting on Finland or Canada represents good value. They are 3rd and 4th favourite. They should make it to the semis at the very least, and if so, you can then layoff of the bet at that point. Greater than 10 returns at the moment, and as they progress throughout the rounds the odds should shorten.

France at 17.00. I’m not so sure. Yes a weak team so perhaps 17 should be around 20 to 25. Their odds just seem too favourable. Chances are relatively better betting value is found else where.

China UK and Australia. If you want to try your luck then why not. But this would be like playing Powerball or mega millions. Could win, yes… Major upset YES.

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