SF Shock Team Analysis

SF Shock Team Analysis

“Shock Strengthen their roster in prep for Stage 3, anticipate odds to flatten”

The San Francisco Shock recently made two big signings in areas where they need help. First, they signed Architect a world-class Genji. The Shock almost never run Genji because they don’t have a player that can run him effectively so this will add some much-needed depth to their comp decisions and another threat for the opposing team to worry about. Then they signed Moth, a support player from the Toronto Esports. Dhak and Sleepy are good, not great, supports and the signing of Moth seems like it will have the same effect on the back line that Architect will have on the front line, added variety to the team comps and upgrades to some of the teams weak heroes. The Shock is also rumoured to be signing off-tank, ChoiHyoBin, Architect’s teammate on X6, which is the role that they have Nevix playing currently. If this rumour is true I’m unsure about what Nevix’s future with the team is. He can’t go back to DPS because of how crowded it is but he’s a very weak off-tank. So he will either be traded or just fall into a bench role.

Along with the signing of Architect and Moth, Sinatraa and Super can’t start playing soon enough. Sinatraa is world-class in every sense of the word. His Tracer will be an upgrade from Danteh’s and Sinatraa can also play Zarya giving the Shock even more options for team comps. Super will also come in and upgrade the Shock’s main tank position with his Rein and Winston play. He is an upgrade from Nomy who is good but not great.

There’s a likelihood that Iddqd gets traded because the Shock is overcrowded at the DPS position right now. I could see him going to Florida to make them even more Swedish or Dallas because you never know what they’re going to do. I have also heard the case for Danteh to be traded because Sinatraa will cut into his play time but if the ChoiHyoBin rumour is just that, playing Sinatraa on Zarya will become that much more useful because you can play Sintraa on Zarya and Danteh on Tracer. Danteh is in my eyes, one of the most underrated Tracers in the game largely due to his team’s lack of success. The team is also making him one of the faces of the team even though they knew Sinatraa was going to be eligible this season, so I don’t see them just trading him away. The likelihood is they either try to repurpose Danteh to focus on heroes like Sombra, Doomfist, Pharah, Junkrat and Mei, heroes that are useful but not hitscan like Soldier 76 and Widowmaker or Twitchy like Tracer and Genji. I don’t think that he is just an immediate trade away because your roster is tight. He’s young and they seem to want him to succeed with them rather than have him on another team so I see him staying with the Shock for the whole first season atleast.

The Shock team that we will see in stage 3 is completely different from the current one. With an ability to run new team comps and with the addition of some very dangerous players don’t expect them to always be behind in the odds. Any team that’s not New York, Seoul or London will become an attainable win. In my eyes, the Shock ends up in 5-5 with a positive map score.

Potential roster for stage 3


Babybay (Widow/Soldier)/Architect(Genji)

Sinatraa (Tracer/Zarya)/Danteh (Tracer/Sombra)

Trade: Iddqd to Florida or Dallas


Super (Rein) /Nomy (Rein/Winston)

Nevix (D.va)

Rumor: ChoiHyoBin (D.va/Road)


Dhak (Lucio) /Sleepy (Zen)

Moth (Zen/Lucio/Ana)


Moth (Support) from Toronto esports (Boston Uprising Academy Team)

Shock signing announcement

Rumour: ChoiHyoBin (Flex) from X6 (Same team Architect came from)

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