Shanghai Dragons gives the coach the flick

Shanghai Dragons gives the coach the flick

Finally it’s done. The Shanghai Dragon’s coach of the year, Chen “U4” Congshan, has been given the boot. Stepping down from his position of Head Coach, U4 has returned to China. It is unknown whether he will be paid out for the remainder of his contract with Shanghai Dragon’s, however it’s evident the Shanghai Dragon’s needed to make a change sooner rather than later.

Shanghai Dragon’s has been the worse team in the inaugural season of Overwatch League by a million miles and is the only team in the league yet to win a game. Their daily gruelling training regime which often exceeds 12 hours a day of training hasn’t paid off, and infact has probably made players worn out and jaded.

I firmly believe that the issue was due to U4 speaking a different dialect of Chinese to the team players. As an example a “thong” in English can either mean a bikini or a piece of footwear (depending on where you come from). Similarly in Chinese in different dialects the same word pronounced the same can mean different things. Hence, it is easy for instructions to be lost in translation.

Good luck to the Shanghai Dragons. I do hope they can win one game before the 10th season of Overwatch League begins in 2028.



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