Stage 2 Playoff Preview

Stage 2 Playoff Preview

Spitfire vs Fusion = > vs NYXL

We’ve got our final three for stage 2 and the teams are surprising, to say the least. This Sunday we’ve got the New York Excelsior in first, the London Spitfire in second and the Philadelphia Fusion in third.
The Fusion are the newcomers of the group and it would be understated to just say that they are the underdogs. No one expected them to get into the playoffs but by some divine power, they got in. In the last two meetings between the Fusion and the Spitfire, the Spitfire won by 4-0 both times. That history does not give you hope when it comes to Philly’s chances.

Let’s look at the stats to analyses the Fusion-Spitfire match up a bit deeper. According to Winston’s Lab, the London Spitfire have a higher win percentage on the first three maps that they will be playing (Gibraltar 100%-60%, Nepal 75%-16.7% and Hanamura 100%-71%). The Fusion have higher win percentages on Kings Row and Ilios (75%-40% and 100%-50%).

Given the stats and the way that both teams have been playing, I can only see Philly winning if its a 3-2 and everything goes exactly to Philly’s plans. If the game doesn’t go to a fifth map it’s most likely that London wins. In terms of betting that means London is the favourite but if you’re feeling risky Philadelphia isn’t a bad bet either.
We are likely to see a repeat of the stage 1 playoffs again with London going up against New York. The Last meeting between these two went to the side of London as a 3-2 victory in week 1 of this stage and before that, they also went to 5 in the stage 1 finals with London coming on top there as well. New York has a very understandable fire under them. Though they are at the top of the league they have never beat London. In an interview with some of the NYXL players, Saebyeolbe said, “(London) is the team that we want to beat the most”, and I think they have a very good chance of doing that.

“New York is an amazing team”

They have a roster of superstars and they’re at the top of the league for a reason. They have also had a lot of time to prepare for this game. They were pretty much guaranteed to get into the stage 2 playoffs coming into the final week. There is also no way that these players haven’t been preparing to play London even in the weeks that they don’t have a game against them. I think it’s more than likely that New York wins.

In the off chance that the Fusion does make it through I still, see New York winning. In the last game New York and Philly played against each other New York won 3-1 so it’s not hard to believe that New York can win again.

In the finals, New York will likely be favoured in the odds no matter who the opponent is. Betting on London if they have high returning odds wouldn’t be a bad bet because there is always a chance of London upsetting, but any low doesn’t seem worth it to me. If Philadelphia makes it stay away from them. They don’t match up too well against New York and are honestly a class below.

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