The Stage 2 Winner – New York Excelsior!

The Stage 2 Winner – New York Excelsior!

Many of you may believe the London Spitfire will be winning the Stage 2 championship. But I bet to differ. That championship will be going to New York! Before you yell me down, let me explain.

Who will make the playoffs?

At the start of Stage 2 Week 5, the top 5 team standings are as follows:
1. New York Excelsior 7-1
2. London Spitfire 6-2
3. Los Angeles Gladiators 6-2
4. Seoul Dynasty 6-2
5. Philadelphia Fusion 5-3

We know that the top two teams will certainly make the playoffs. NYXL being 7-1 and playing the Fuel and the Valiant will easily win at least one game (I’m 99.99% sure they will take out the Fuel who have been dismal) whilst the Spitfire are 6-2 whom are playing the Dragons and Fuel, an easy 2 games in the bag (who is worse Dragons or Fuel? It’s hard to tell). So the question is “Who will be the last team making it to the playoffs?” Will it be the roaring Gladiators, Seoul D, or the outsiders Fusion?

Let’s discuss Seoul first. Seoul is playing Houston and Florida this week. Houston isn’t the force they were last stage which is the price they pay for not having a strong Tracer on the team. I expect an easy game for the Dynasty there. Followed by Mayhem. This game has the potential to be close if Mayhem continue to play as strong as they have the last few weeks. But, I fully expect them to win this game. If that happens then their record will be 8-2. And this will knock out the Fusion who are on 5-3. Even if the Fusion win their two games of the round, 7-3 will just make them miss out.

So that leaves the Gladiators to consider. The Gladiators are playing the Fusion and Uprising this week. Fusion are a tough team. They will make life difficult for the Gladiators and could take game off them. The Boston Uprising have also been showing good solid form of late. The road to two wins is lot harder than then Dynasty. I just can’t see them winning two games like the Dynasty and will therefore fall one game short.

So to end the regular season I expect New York to be the number 1 team in the playoffs with London and Seoul being 2 and 3 respectively.

My prediction for final team standings at end of Stage 2.

1. New York Excelsior 9-1
2. London Spitfire 8-2
3. Seoul Dynasty 8-2
4. Los Angeles Gladiators 7-3
5. Philadelphia Fusion 7-3

The playoffs – London vs Seoul

Now the playoffs. Seed 2 London vs Seed 3 Seoul. London no doubt is gonna win. They just seem to be playing better than Seoul. They’re a great team and I expect them to be winning this game. Profit and Gesture are playing out of their minds and I expect them to carry London to the finals. Seoul isn’t playing as great and I expect their slight lack of team chemistry to be their downfall. So pencil in London to move on to the finals.

Prediction: London 3-1

The finals – New York vs London

London has taken the W’s the last few times these teams have played. The last two games were 3-2’s in London’s favor while the Stage One regular season playoffs being a 3-2 in New York’s favor. Now I feel like recently New York has been playing insanely good. SBB and Libero are the nuttiest DPS duo in the League. Mano and Mek0 are playing great, while JJoNak and Ark are supporting the hell out of their team.

London will be mentally fatigued after their battle with Seoul.

New York will clutch this one out against London.

Prediction: New York 3-1

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