We need more (Dallas) Fuel!

We need more (Dallas) Fuel!

Spiralling out of control

The Dallas fuel has so many problems. To start this week they lost 0-2 against Boston and Philadelphia. These two teams are by no means easybeats but they are not top tier teams either. Dallas lost 0-8 in maps, yep thats right, 0, zero, zip, nada, nuffing. This is Shanghai Dragons standard but the individuals are far better skilled destroyed by a lack of team leadership and heart. They are in disarray and are with low morale. I must say at least the Shanghai Dragons show more determination, so comparing Fuel to the Dragons isn’t quite so fair on the Dragons.

The games that Dallas played against Boston and Philadelphia were gut wrenching to watch. Dallas players were picked off like throwing darts at balloons i.e. spawncamping at its finest. Easy pickings for Boston and Philadelphia. It’s difficult to pinpoint if it’s individual players or simply just team chemistry, maybe a bit of both.

At one point during the game, you could hear Rascal crying out:

“I need help, I need help”, with Custa screaming back “We need to work together!”

Geez guys, where is the direction, where is the leadership? Is this Dallas team a bunch of randoms! You can’t win games with such poor communication.

Perhaps the past two events of Taimou’s homophobic slurs and xQc being booted off the team has influenced their play. Sudden change in roster, can be off putting. But damn it, show some fight! If you have any character you should be proud to have ejected xQc into space and that Taimou received a suspension and a shellacking from the public.

Stage 2 was disappointing for the Dallas Fuel, I hope they can regroup for a better performance in Stage 3. And reward their loyal fan base. We don’t ever want to see spawncamping like this on OWL ever again!

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