Where to from here for Boston?

Where to from here for Boston?

“Is the Dream over?”

By now (unless you live under a rock) you would be in the know of allegations of inappropriate sexual interactions with an underage fan(s) directed towards Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez and the resulting termination of his contact with Boston. If you want to learn more about all the allegations there are two article‘s on this site you can read. What this article will discuss is:

“how can Boston fix the hole that Dreamkazper leaves in the lineup?”

Right now Boston is sitting 4th in the overall standings and 3rd in the stage 3 standings. Their starts for this coming week are likely to be Gamsu on Main-Tank, Note on Off-Tank, Neko and Kellex on Support, Kellex on Support, Striker and Mistakes on DPS. This will be the first time that Mistakes starts in an OWL game. When compared to DreamKazper, Mistakes is a downgrade in pure mechanics and hero pool but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t good. Previously he played alongside Snillo and some players who are currently on Orgless and Hungry – one of the best teams in Contenders. That said, there are a couple of variables that have the potential to affect Boston’s standing position in a huge way.

The hero pools for Striker and Mistakes overlap quite a bit, the one exception is that Mistakes plays a very good Sombra while Striker doesn’t. They also have the sudden need for a projectile player and finding someone to fill that role is not a small task. They have two options to fill the projectile role, 1. Have Mistakes grind on Genji and Pharah, or 2. Get a player to fill those roles so Mistakes can focus on Sombra and Widow. The Boston management will have to make some decisions on how they are going to work around their current hero shortfalls.

Some other must answer questions are: Does Mistakes know where and when to Dive? Does he know where he fits into the defence? and is the chemistry in the team greatly affected? We will see the answers to these questions in the next 2 weeks.

This coming week will be make or break to say the least. They play New York (the best team), Florida (A good up and coming team), the following week they play London (the second best team) and Seoul (the third best team). My prediction is that by the end of this week Boston will be completely out of stage 3 playoff contention unless they sneak into the 4th spot by the skin of their teeth. Am I being too pessimistic? They could go 3-1, stay in contention and sign a new player over these next two weeks to put them right in the thick of it again.

Everything will depend on how they are able to integrate Mistakes into the lineup and how he performs under such pressure.

Good luck Boston, but I fear the odds are against you making it to the Stage playoffs.

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